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Sensei Kimura 9th Dan
1941 - 1995

This website is dedicated to the memory of Sensei Kimura, and to the promotion of Kimura Shukokai Karate in the United States of America.

American Shukokai Karate Union (ASKU)

Bressaw's Middlesex Karate
Sensei William Bressaw
523 New Brunswick Avenue
Fords, NJ 08863
Phone: (732) 738-8199

216 Tingley Lane
North Edison, NJ 08820
(908) 757-9292
Website: www.bressawskarate.com

Sensei Bill Bressaw is the Chief Instructor of the American Shukokai Karate Union, and one of the four chief instructors of Kimura Shukokai International. He is ranked 8th Dan in Shukokai and has been teaching karate since 1966. Sensei Bill attained the rank of 3rd Dan in an Okinawan style of Karate by the time he met and started training with Sensei Kimura in January of 1971. By August of that same year, he was officially recognized as a 3rd Dan in Shukokai Karate by Sensei Kimura. He has been teaching steadily in his Fords and Edison dojos since 1982, both located in central New Jersey. He has participated in and won tournaments in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Mac Albus Kimura Shukokai Karate Center
Sensei Mac Albus
19 1/2 North Main Street
Pearl River, NY 10965
(845) 735-5222
Website: www.macalbus-kimurashukokai.com

Sensei Mac Albus 7th Dan began his training in 1972 with Sensei Kimura. Sensei Mac came from very humble beginnings. Before opening his own dojo in 1983, he lived at and ran Sensei Kimura's dojo in Hackensack, NJ for well over 5 years. Sensei Mac has been a member of numerous world tournament teams in both kumite and kata in the style of Shukokai karate. For over more than 26 years Sensei Mac has produced many world title holders for kumite and kata both male and female, from the ages of 10 yrs. old to well over 40 yrs. old.

Sensei Eileen Albus 4th Dan began her training with Sensei Kimura in 1976. Over the years Sensei Eileen has helped coach many of their dojo's top students to compete successfully in national and international tournaments. She has also been on many world tournament teams for Shukokai karate. She is one of Sensei Mac's top students. She teaches both the adult and children's classes at the dojo in addition to furthering her own training.

Together Sensei Mac and Sensei Eileen have the most well known children's karate program in Rockland County for the past 26 years with a very high retention rate. Many of those kids that started as beginners are still with them today. Both Sensei Mac and Sensei Eileen continually pass on the Shukokai way to all who walk through their door.

Kimura Shukokai Karate
Sensei Alex Couto
462 Market Street
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
(201) 655-7893
E-mail: budo@kimurashukokai.com
Website: www.kimurashukokai.com

Sensei Alex Couto, 7th Dan, with over 40 years of experience. Sensei Alex began his Shukokai training in 1970 in Mozambique, Africa. He migrated to South Africa in 1974 and trained under Shihan Lionel Marinus for seven years. In addition to his spot on the South Africa Shukokai Team, Sensei Alex landed a spot on the coveted National Springbok All-Style Team. On both teams he won many titles including All-Style Grand Champion.

In 1981 Sensei Alex moved to the US. He lived and trained in Shihan Kimura’s Hackensack Honbu dojo for three years. He consistently trained with Shihan Kimura five days a week for fourteen years, until Shihan Kimura’s passing. As part of the USA team, Sensei Alex won many titles. He is a three time World Kumite Champion and was captain of the Men’s USA Team. In 1993 at the World Tournament in Portugal, Shihan Kimura presented Sensei Alex with the “Best Technique” award.

Upon Shihan Kimura’s passing, Sensei Alex opened his own dojo with his wife Ann Marie, a 3rd Dan. Ann Marie, with over 20 years of experience, began her training with Shihan Kimura. She has competed in several World Tournaments where she has won two bronze medals in kumite. Ann Marie has also won many national Shukokai and All-Style titles.

Alex and Ann Marie remain dedicated to Shihan Kimura’s legacy by sharing their knowledge and abilities and continually striving to improve. They are committed to helping each student be the best they can be with a positive training atmosphere; and to establishing measurable results with one of the most comprehensive, age-specific karate training programs available.

Tenafly Kimura Shukokai
Sensei Gavin Armstrong
83 North Summit Street
Tenafly, NJ
Phone: (201) 569-5200
Website: www.shukokai.com

Sensei Gavin Armstrong, 5th Dan, began his training in 1974 in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where he was born. He came to the United States in 1979. Sensei Gavin taught classes under Sensei Kimura for many years. He strictly adheres to the technique and method taught by Sensei Kimura, and continues in the tradition of constantly looking for ways to improve the techniques.
He continually trains with other Kimura Shukokai instructors from around the USA as well as around the World.

Michigan Shukokai Karate School

Sensei Jason I. Niemi, 5th Dan
PO Box 231
Stephenson, MI 49887
Phone: (906) 290-0754
E-mail: niemij204@gmail.com
Website: www.michiganshukokai.com

Jason Niemi, 5th Dan has been training with Shihan George McGrath, 6th Dan since 1985. Shihan McGrath started teaching in Michigan in 1970. It was 1971 when Mr. Kimura taught a training session in Michigan that solidified the future of Michigan Shukokai.

Mr. Niemi began training with Mr. Kimura in 1990 and received his Shodan In 1993.

In 1996 Sensei Niemi opened a dojo. He has been committed to the perpetuation of Kimura Karate ever since. Mr. Niemi travels extensively to ASKU and KSI events, as well as hosts the annual Michigan Gasshuku with Shihan Bressaw and many special national and international guests.

In addition to Kimura Shukokai, Mr. Niemi teaches defensive tactics and firearms tactics to law enforcement, military and private security.

River Dell Shukokai Karate Center
Senseis Michael and Martha Moles
954 Kinderkamack Road
River Edge, NJ
Phone: (201) 262-7440
Email: rdkarate@hotmail.com
Website: www.riverdellkarate.com

Sensei Michael has a rank of Black Belt - Fifth Degree and Martha has a rank of Black Belt - Fourth Degree. They both originally trained with the World Chief Instructor, Shihan Kimura, at his Hackensack Dojo.

Michael started training in 1978 and Martha in 1987. On Shihan Kimura's passing in 1995, Michael and Martha continued training with one of his top instructors, Sensei Mac Albus, at his Shukokai Karate Center in Pearl River, New York.

Michael has represented the U.S.A. Shukokai Karate Team and competed individually in 11 Shukokai World Championships for the past 22 years. Martha has represented the U.S.A. Shukokai Karate Team and competed individually in 7 World Championships for the past 16 years. Their competitions have taken both of them to world championships in the countries of England, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Portugal, U.S.A., and Germany. Michael competed in the 2006 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Michael is a two-time World Champion and Martha has won Silver and Bronze in recent World Championships.

Our River Dell dojo has new Swain Mats, as "Safety Is Our Priority". We offer a variety of classes for adults and children (5 yrs & up). The first trial class and karate uniform is Free and we do not have Contracts.

At River Dell Shukokai Karate Center, "We Hit Harder!"

Shukokai School of Karate

Sensei Dan McCook
58 Mechanic Street
Marlborough, MA 01752
Phone: (508) 481-1147
E-mail: hcnup@aol.com

Midwest Shukokai Karate

Sensei Brian Amos
311 Houghton Street
Ontonagon, MI 49953
Phone: (906) 753-4897
E-mail: jmnies@up.net

Montclair Shukokai Karate
Sempai Justin DeSalvo
100 Grove Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
Phone: (973) 748-5282
Email: Justin@montclairkarate.com
Website: www.montclairkarate.com

Sempai Justin is a 3rd Dan in Shukokai Karate. He began his karate training in 1975 at the Hackensack Dojo, the first Kimura Shukokai World Headquarters. Training on-and-off during childhood and adolescence, Sempai Justin received his Green Belt from Soke Kimura before his death in 1995. He continued his training in the new Tenafly Shukokai dojo under the tutelage of Sensei Gavin Armstrong.

Justin received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Psychology from Wittenburg University. He and his wife Lynn, 1st Dan, are the co-owners of Montclair Shukokai Karate where they teach children starting from the age of 3 on up to adults.

Washington Shukokai Karate

Sensei Norman Ensil, 3rd Dan
Mobile: (951) 415-0285
E-mail: calishukokai@hotmail.com

Sensei Norman Ensil 3rd Dan, started training in Cape Town, South Africa with Shihan Chris Thompson in 1982, and stopped full time karate 1987. During this time, he won a National Title, and started the Northpine Dojo with his brother, Sensei Christopher Ensil. This dojo later became Boland Honbu Dojo with Shihan Chris Thompson's approval. From 1987, he trained on a part-time basis at the Northpine Dojo. In 1999, he moved to California, and trained with David Blair in the Shotokan style for a short while as there was no Shukokai close by. After a visit to South Africa in 2004, and winning first place in an open Provincial tournament, he was encouraged by Shihan Chris and Sensei Christopher to start Kimura Shukokai in California, and was introduced to Shihan Bill Bressaw.